CraftWare is a fast, easy-to-use slicer software that converts your object into a .gcode toolpath format understood by 3D printers.

The main role of CraftWare is the slicing of solid 3D digital objects, but it is also a very good tool to interactively manage the supports on your objects, thus reducing the build time by removing unnecessary support bars.

Craftware interacts with the CraftBot 3D printer by using dual channels for real time interaction, thus giving you extra possibilities such as immediate pause printing, This allows you to change the filament during the printing process.

Our slicing algorithm effectively supplies the best possible toolpath for your CraftBot, giving you quality as soon as possible.


  • Open multiple .stl, .obj files and arrange them on the build platform.
  • Scale, move, and rotate individual models or groups of models at once.
  • Interactive support management.
  • Effective slicing of objects in no time.
  • Load/save .gcode generated from other programs too.
  • Manipulate gcode: edit, copy, paste, cut.
  • Gcode toolpath traversal.
  • Machine control


CraftWare is not a 3D design program. You can still do your 3D modeling in whatever program you choose. We recommend an easy startup program such as Google SketchUp.

Help us test it out

CraftWare is currently in the Beta stage, so feel free to download it and let us know what you think! Currently Windows 7 and above supported.

Version Release date Supported OS Link
1.00 beta 2014.07.07 Windows 7 and above CraftWare_1.00_beta_win_installer.exe
1.01 beta 2014.07.14 Windows 7 and above CraftWare_1.01_beta_win_installer.exe
1.02 beta 2014.07.18 Windows 7 and above CraftWare_1.02_beta_win_installer.exe
1.03 beta 2014.07.25 Windows 7 and above CraftWare_1.03_beta_win_installer.exe

CraftWare v1.03 beta - 2014.07.25

Known bugs

  • PolygonFillStyle=Odd has some perimeter artifacts.
  • StartAtLayer!=LastPosition has a bug. Ignored it's setting until fixed.
  • Slicer form is closeable while slicing is in progress.
  • Options/NumCPU setting doesn't affects actual CPU core usage.
  • Rare random crash.
  • There are a few(0..5) random bright pixels on the screen.

Features and bug fixes

  • Shell Thickness calculated fields: LayerHeight and ExtrusionWidth values were swapped.
  • An option to turn off environment mapping in object/support view too.
  • Tab order fixes
  • Brim has been completely redesigned. (Altough that previous 'fishing net' will come back in the future, I think it's simple and good on a heated bed to strengthen the supports)
  • Crashes while adjusting brim/skirt fixed.
  • MakerBot M132 is not interpreted by the gcode viewer as a sign that the XY is centered at 0,0. Use Options/BuildVolume instead.
  • New circular build platform option.
  • Gcode decoder: Now it understands comments in KISS, MakerWare, Cura gcodes and uses appropriate colors based on segment type.
  • Gcode text display is available in the gcode viewer.
  • Popup form resolutions are maximized on 1000x700.
  • Models bigger than 4M triangles will not crash (there is a GPU limit on the VBO size) rather they will be drawn incomplete.
  • Slicer Form: inappropriate (10-20%) CPU usage reduced. Now it is more careful when changing widget.stylesheets.

CraftWare v1.02 beta - 2014.07.18

Features and bug fixes

  • RepairCorners default is now 0
  • RepairCorners works for more than one loops. Although it's not necessary because outer corners are automatically collapse to sharp corners and inner corners (in holes) are tend to grow into big circles that can't be repaired.
  • Slightly improved RepairCorners: No need to increment PathSmoothing from default 0.08 to 0.1.
  • Installer runs vcredist in /quiet mode.
  • Slicing crash caused by the performance monitor thing is fixed.
  • Bug: "I wasn't able to load Stored presets yet? Only when saving the project and reloading it again." -> presets are now saved into the registry.
  • Selectable Polygon Filler Algorithm: You can choose between fast or error-prone methods.
  • Shell Thickness auto-calculated fields.
  • Layer start position is selectable: Sequential, Random, North, South, East, West. Sequential is slow, but minimizes travel between adjacent layers.
  • My misunderstanding of Raft is renamed to Brim (sorry ABS people)
  • Raft 'sandwich' configuration thing is established in the Slicer UI. But in the application, only the Raft Enable checkbox is working. Just expect a flexible Raft generator tool in the future.

CraftWare v1.01 beta - 2014.07.14

Features and bug fixes

  • Options/Build Volume config is now working. You can configure it for Delta machines.
  • Maximum speeds are now raised to 500mm/s
  • Open/Save folder bug fixed: It doesn't remember the folder when you not save and only shows home folder when you freshly install the app.
  • Slicer form: Fill Angles are now configurable: Infill angle & layer increment, HShell angle & layer increment, Raft angle. The only exception is Support angles.
  • Slicer form: Fan settings are accessible.
  • Slicer form: HShell density now affects extruded flow as it should.
  • Slicer form: Vertical speed and retract/prime speed.
  • Slicer form: There is now a Repair Corners option. It fixes rounded corners caused by the raster-offset algorithm.
  • Form maximized state is stored in the ini (registry).
  • There is now a basic interface to set up filament meter prices in the options form. It is displayed on the GCode viewer and it has a button to toggle.

CraftWare v1.00 beta - 2014.07.07

First public release.